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Just wondering what are good bugs to catch for Sayid (3month veiled). He currently is eating crickets, about 10 a day. I live in North Central Florida, and there is a large variety of bugs. I know a lot of people are cautious of catching bugs because of pesticides, but where I live the chances are very slim. I live on 27 acres, I do not use pesticides, and I am surrounded by pine forest and horse/cattle farms. I can catch at least 20 bugs on my porch every night... moths, beetles, mantis, stick bugs, crane flies.....during the day I can catch flies, mole crickets, caterpillars, .....well you get the point....any ideas or suggestions on safe treats, and ones to stay far away from!!


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I would stay away from caterpillars as many of them have noxious substances to prevent being eaten, and some of them actually have stingers. Some beetles have really hard shells that may be hard to digest. I've fed off junebugs. I catch grasshoppers, mantises, moths and butterflies (except monarchs) a lot. It's fun to watch them hunt flying things!


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I don't know how easy or not it is for parasites to be spread by feeding wild caught insects, but it is something to take into consideration. I personaly try to not do it, I have done it in the past, but I lost a very cool male Jackson once, and I feel like it was the result of feeding wild caught insects. Be cautious. I doubt pesticides will be a problem if you are out in the sticks though.


Thanx guys:) I was hoping to get a little more feedback. I agree with the parasites but I just feel like if he were in the wild, wouldn't he be eating wild critters too.. granted we wouldn't know the life span or reactions. If I had free range ability he would gobble up flybys wouldn't he? I don't want to do anything wrong or bad but I do want him to have variety, and free is always nice!! (not that money is an issue, I know there will be expenses with owning my little guy!!)

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Talk with the old timers and the bigger breeders. All will tell the same thing. Wild caught bugs are like gold. Just catch and gutload overnight with greens or romaine. I usually stick to hoppers and katydids. Only causght one mantis. I havent found a good spot for those yet. I just only feed what i can identify though. Just to be safe.


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How are moths and butterflies? I have a ton of them around my house when the weather gets nice out. I already can't wait for the weather to get warmer to go catch grasshoppers.
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