Brown Dots?


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I have a two month old veilied chameleon and there has been nothing out of the norm till today. While I was putting crickets inside the cage, my chameleon turned all bloated and had brown dots all over him. Is this normal or should I be worried?
Maybe he was in his hot spot basking and you saw him while he was stretched out and had dark colors, or could it be you just spooked him when you put your hand/crickets in?
He was still light but had blackish brown dots on him when I put the crickets in? Was he just stressed at the moment?
not sure, could be a number of things I guess... maybe excitement cause it was time to eat? lol
I wouldn't worry about it until you see something else that arrises. When situations like this happen, grab a camera, a notepad and pen, and document the event. Date it and file it for use in the future, could be a clue or sign of something else- Buuut its likely nothing, just something he saw and didn't like.

My baby veiled does that. She only displays those spots when I open her cage and either feed her or try and handle her. She puffs up and displays dark spots. As soon as I close the cage again, she goes back to normal. So I'm assuming it's just a defense or aggressive behavioral thing. I dont' think it's anything to worry about.
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