broken ribs

jamie and jarrett

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i am 95% sure that our veiled chameleon fell and broke her ribs. i can see and feel them sticking out. is there anything i can do? if i take her to the vet can they do anything? or should we just put her to sleep?
Take her to the vet anyway. They will be able to tell you whether thay can do anything for her.
Anything like this should get veterinary attention whether you think they can help her or not.
Let us know how you get on. :)
ok, how much about do you think it costs? i live in portland, oregon and i am a poor college student and i dont have very much money. im not saying that i want to put her to sleep, but i would rather do that then have her be in pain.

also, its kind of weird, but i touched where the bone is kind of sticking out and she didnt "act" like she was in pain. i dont know how chameleons act when they feel pain, but she didnt move or anything. also she is eating and acting pretty normal. which mad me even more surprised when i saw her side..
I'm in the UK so not sure how much your vet would charge.

I'm a beginner to chameleon keeping, just bought my first one so not experienced with broken bones sorry.

There are a lot of very experienced and helpful people on here who should be able to answer your questions though.

Good luck with her :)
You need to call the vet.
It sounds like you don't have one already..check here:
The initial cost can be determined when you call. You will be charged for an office visit. Anything beyond that can be discussed with the vet.
Also if they would be willing to work with you on payment.

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