Broke 300g


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Rex clocked in at 305gs today. He was 10 month's tuesday. :D What do you guys think? :cool:


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I think thats a chameleon, not a pig.

Unless youre going to eat him, Id stick him on a diet.

(If you are going to eat him, I can recommend a good recipe.)

Otherwise, just start skipping a few days a week feeding, and maybe a feeder or two less than usual on feeding days until he gets back to a healthy weight. ;)
For those who may not believe me... :D Thanks everyone :cool: He is my pride and joy.


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Thats a big cham right there. Whats his diet? Well whats he eating because obviously he aint on no diet haha :D
He hit 400g i think the end of june when his was 15-16 months. I think it might be time to start cutting back the food. His crest is now flat on the sides (not concave light a normal veiled) with a little budge coming out the back.

Maybe i should judge him like a solder joint, strait is a process indicator, and convex is a reject.
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