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About a week ago, my second female brev laid a clutch of 2 eggs. I have been trying everything possible to keep these eggs at 72 degrees F. Im am proud to say that 90 percent of the time, these eggs are kept at this temperature. However, i went to the lake with my girlfriend over the weekend and my eggs were at the mercy of northern California's abiotic roller-coaster! When i came home, i checked the High / low settings on my Fluker's digital temp gauge and found that at one point the eggs were at 55 degrees and a high of 90 degrees. The pearlite was still moist and the eggs still look healthy and pinkish-white. I honestly don't think they were at these temperatures for very long I guess my question is, "how long can brev eggs withstand 55 degree and 90 degree temperature extremes? And would these two temperature gradients have caused the developeing chameleon to die?" Perhaps i am a hypochondirac , but i am finding it difficult to maintain my brev eggs at 22 degrees celsius while living in northern California. I have rigged a small office fan over the top of my brev cage, in an attempt to keep my beloved chameleons at a proper climate.:D Thanks again for any input!
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I would be way more concerned with the 90F then the lower temp - that may have damaged the embryo. I cant tell you for sure since I have never let eggs get that warm. You need to invest in a deluxe incubator that can sustain proper temps or look into a wine fridge which can do the same.

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