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Mainly I would just like to know how many panther chams I should start off with to have a good breeding project going. Right now I have just 2 Ambilobe. Will that be fine? Or should I consider getting another pair, and breed the 2 pair at different times....maybe one in the fall, then one in the spring? This might be a stupid question, but I just want to make sure I'm going about this the right way, and if I should have maybe another pair I would like to start looking around for a couple more.
:Dwhats up im a small time breeder.. i have 2 males and 2 females.. each female lays average 30 eggs..and then some.. to get started i would keep your pair.. maybe add 1 female to the mix.. that way you will always have a female layin a clutch..remember you need incubators that can handle temp changes.. as the eggs grow you want to increase the temp slightly.have one set at 68-70 the other 72-73 for bigger older eggs.. 2 females will produce 10 clutches per year..5 each think about it 30 eggs each 10 times.. thats alot of eggs.. then you need to set up yubs and small cages for the juvies... good luck
I see you have a male and female ambilobe, I assume you want to breed them.. Make sure they are unrelated or get another female from a different breeder. That way you don't risk any health issues with the babies. :) Oh, and do a ton of research and know that you can afford everything they need to be happy and healthy coming out of the eggs.
I'd say keep your pair, hatch out a clutch, and see if you are really wanting to do it. It can take up a lot of time, and money. If you feel that you can give it your all, then maybe adding an additional female, or another pair, possibly of a different locale, just to have something else.

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