breeding crickets


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I bought 150 1/4" crickets the other day and noticed when I got home that there is a full grown female cricket in there with them. Now its too big to feed to my cham but is there amy way I can breed her if I got a full grown male? Would be pretty neat to do. Ill just end up throwing it out if not.
is there a good guide to go by on breeding crickets?
also i don't know if the store will sell a dozen females if i asked.
You would be better off ordering in bulk online. I just ordered 500 and with shipping I paid only .04 cents per cricket and I pay .10 - .15 cents per cricket buying at my local pet stores. Also, you can use the search function at the top to search for tips on breeding crickets. That is what I am planning on doing. Tired of driving to the store all of the time.:D I'm hoping I can get a good breeding group going with 500...
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