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Has anyone ever dealt with a breeder by the name of, "Chameleononly"? Mailing address is in Corona, Calif. They have some beautiful chams but was wondering about reputation feedback.
Thanks, Nani
They are the best. I have ordered three chams and three complete caging supplies from them so far, and I have been extremely satisfied with every single cham I have purchased as well as the supplies. Not only that, I have called them over 50 times (no joke) asking questions about taking care of my chams and things like that and everytime Ed and Liddy are more than happy to answer my questions. You can't go wrong with them, I am a very satisfied customer, in case you can't tell.
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The kammers are great. Completely legit. No worries and i'm sure that most people here wouldbeack them up.
They are one of the few top notch cham breeders out there. I wouldnt say the absolute best b/c that would include several breeders - including them.

I got my veiled "Chuck" (aka ... The Chuckmiester, Chuckaroo, The Chuckling, Sir Charles ... I could go on) from them.



I purchased me veileds from Kammerflage Kreations also known as chameleons only. They are beautiful. I now have their offspring. Everyone is very healthy.
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