Blue on blue ambanja


I know! Thanks.. im really looking forward to see how he colors up. I just need a name for him im thinking deacon? :rolleyes:


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I didn't comment before because I am jealous!:p lol I want a blue on blue Ambanja! He looks great already and is gonna be killer!!!


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I like the name "Stitch" from Lilo and Stitch lol I have bought 6 panthers from the Jungle Panther. Great choice. Haven't been disappointed at all.


Thanks everyone! Ill be posting and keeping you all up to date with him on this thread! :) im thinking about naming him deacon. What do you guys think?


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I just need a name for him im thinking deacon? :rolleyes:
He's awesome looking! Full of color for such a little guy !
In regards to the name I think it's something different in a good way. Naming pets is all ways hard! My chams name is shooter aka shooter mcgavin (happy gilmore pun)! I know a dog named Kevin ... So creativity is a plus for such an interesting blue fellow.


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I love him!!!

this Is my new ambanja from steve the jungle panther. What do you guys think? Hes about 3 1/2 months old
He is gorgeous - mine hates me LOL:D Deacon? He doesn't look like a Deacon to me. What are some words in French or Spanish for blue? Diablo - I don't have a clue what Diablo means - I just like the way it rolls off of the tongue!
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