Bloodwork test results?


Your Chameleon - Male Veiled chameleon, had since August of last year. Unsure of age.

Feeding - Crickets, Super Worms, roachs, Wax Worms, horn worms when available. I gutload all my bugs with carrots, dandelion, mustard greens, white potatoes, blueberries, sweat potato and apples. I also use Fluker's Calcium Fortified Cricket Quencher.

Supplements - Repti Calcium Without D3. Use Calcium without D3 daily. Use multivitamin twice a month.

Watering - I am monitoring him closely, and want to keep track of how much he’s drinking. So I’m syringing him water several times a day (dropping water onto his mouth and letting him drink). He has a mister, though. Right now it is not going off.

Fecal Description - He's been tested for parasites and it came back negative.

History - Purchased from PetSmart.

Cage Type - Reptibreeze screen cage, size x-large.

Lighting - 75w basking bulb , Reptisun 10.0 HO UVB Bulb, linear tube

Temperature - The cage stays about 70-85 depending on area. It's around 95 under his basking spot. I have 3 thermometers/hydrometer throughout his cage. I also use a heatgun for the basking spot.

Humidity - Around 30-50 durning the day. I run his Reptifogger on low during the day and on high at night.

Location - North Carolina


Cucumber had previously been sick and stopped eating. We went to two different vets before he was diagnosed him with an RI after he went a 2 months without eating on his own. We started treatments, which were an antibiotic (every 3 days), oral calcium, and an anti-inflammatory. He has since stopped all the medicines.

He was doing amazing on his treatments, eating so much food that we almost couldn't keep enough crickets around. However, he stopped eating again last month and I'm back to force feeding Carnivore Care. The only thing that has changed is that he is no longer in his "hospital" cage. I kept him in his baby, size medium reptibreeze while he was sick, per the doctors request. He's now back in his x-large cage.

I'm also taking him outside to get natural UV whenever possible. His grip is strong and he moves around a lot. He's not showing any signs of being lethargic.

Last week we went in for his checkup and he had an ultrasound done to make sure nothing was blocked. The vet didn’t see anything.

The last time he ate on his own was May 20th.

The vet said everything looked normal on his blood results, but I wanted to double check with you all.



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Do you have a compact uvb bulb on you cham? I only ask because the calcium levels are low. Witch proves the lights are inadequate! (Not being mean just trying to prove a point)


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He's not eating on his own. So he's getting his supplements from what's in the Oxbow Carnivore Care.
Ok well he can’t live off it forever and if you want him better you need to makes changes in your husbandry. Like I said flukers is trash and you need better supplements


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I won't be able to look over it right away, but I can tell you now that the only one who can make sense of lab results is a vet. The numbers are always gibberish to me, and I'm not trained to interpret results!

Re: Carnivore care... it's definitely not for long term use, and really only for providing calories until you get them eating on their own. Definitely work on the changes suggested


Which of these are you actually using?
When he was eating on his own, I used the Calcium without D3 daily and bee pollen daily. I would use Calcium with D3 twice a month. And Multivitamin twice a month. I used the Herptivite for a long time, but someone told me to stop using it and use the Repashy calcium + vitamins twice a month instead.


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Sure! Please excuse my guy, he got excited and thought he could escape. I have the Reptisun HO, my basking bulb, and one ceramic heat because my vet wants him to have another warm spot.
Lol look at him photo bombing your picture :ROFLMAO: :love:
When did you purchase the uvb bulb?
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