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Hey everyone, i am knew to the whole forum thing so bear with me please. I have a 9 month old female Nosy Be Panther. i have not had any problems with her yet, but i am worried now. I think that she is blind in her right eye. I can put my finger right next to her eye and she doesn't even notice. if i do it to the other eye she will be startled. It doesn't really look all that different except that it is sunk into her head a little more then the other one. Also she has been getting really angery all the time. If you have heard anything like this and have some advise please help me.
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First, if anything appears sunken, try to hydrate her more than usual, just incase. It's hard to over water a chameleon if you do it correctly. Might help with it being sunken. Might not.

Second, chameleons don't need both eyes to survive. They can aim and shoot with good enough accuracy, so it's not to much of a problem.

She might not get angry if you didn't startle her :p all my females are jerks to me.
Ya im trying to make sure she knows where i am at all times so i stop freaking her out. Ill try to get her more water and i will start to give her some more showers. Also when i was at the pet store i got a bottle of turtle eye drops. It is "Nature Zone; Turtle Eye Drops...Opens and cleans inflames eys" Im not sure if it is okay to use it on a cham. I figure it probably would i think it works for all reptiles. The ingreadiants are benzalkonium chloride and water. I sent the company a email but they haven't reponded yet.
Funny ... my female cham was as sweet as could be ... never mean or anything, but my male ... he loves to hate me. bites me just for the pure fun of it, hisses for no good reason ... but I'm the only one that he'll eat crickets off of the spoon for, so maybe I'm at least ok at feeding time.
well she had benn really nice in the past. she would always climb up my arm onto to my head and she loved to be held. but now that she is haveing the eye problem it is like she is a completely different cham.
emersonc, have you posted your setup info in another thread? If not, you may want to do so here. Follow this link for some suggestions. Have you tried giving your cham a shower? You may want to start looking for a qualified veterinarian in case the chameleon's condition continues to worsen.
I tried to include all the needed info in my first message of this thread, is there a place in my profile that i can list off all the that info?
I have started to give Shisha showers over other day, i think that she really likes it.
As far as a vet goes i think that i am out of luuck. I live in a relativly small community, we do have a good vet, but it is rather pricey. I am a poor college student without a job at the moment so i really cant afford to take her to get some professional help. But if she does get really bad i could muster up the money, if it gets that bad.
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