Black Friday Sales


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Was wondering if anyone knew of any good Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales on supplies, etc.

Here's what I've tracked down so far:

Josh's Frogs (Nov 25th - Dec 2nd)
- Free shipping on dry goods orders $75+
- 15% off plants
- 25% off Christmas cacti
- 25% off pots and planters
- 25% off substrates
- 15% off bioactive
- 25% off Microgeckos
- $50 off Neon Day Geckos
- 10% off reptiles

LLL Reptiles - Announced they are having a in-store sale on Nov 30th at 8am, and online sale on Dec 2nd at 7am. No details yet.

Reptile Basics Inc - Did a Black Friday sale last year. No details so far for this year.

Reptile Supply Co. - No word so far on any sales.

Tikis Geckos - Announced they will be having a Black Friday sale but no details yet.


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I needs me some powders. Im out of calcium and vitamins.

Hmm my local pet shop:



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Wow why did I just waste my time at home depot buying plants today

That's an easy question (though I know it's rhetorical) to answer, it's because it's hard to not dig through a shops house plant section and pick out things that would fit perfect into Cham enclosures!


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Lol I found it right after I trolled you :hilarious: now I’m telling my husband I don’t want the Jeffree Star highlighter(makeup for ppl that don’t know) and I would like a misting system for Christmas instead lol

See my technique is I just buy it and wrap it and then my husband cant remember or be mad. Plus Im like OMG I LOOOOVVVEEEE IT so how can he not take credit for it? Lol


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I need to figure out a way to get this to work on glass. Maybe attach screen to it so the bugs can climb the inside of it.

I figure if you glued on some screen to the backing and attached some suction cups or magnets it ought to work! I was considering playing around with a model like that just for funsies. :)


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Yeah, I'd go the magnet route to attach it to the glass so that it can be removed to clean it and the glass where it attaches. I'm sure the inside of the glass would look pretty nasty after a while.
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