Lenny bit me once, was a newbie mistake from my part, but it was like a bird bite. It didn't cut me, just pinched pretty hard. Never happened since (cuz it tought me a lesson on how to approach him). And now he's pretty docile for a veiled. But I've read on this forum that some people bled from a cham bite.
Fractal bit me twice and it was a solid pinch. He doesn't bite now because he's afraid I'll put antibiotics in his mouth. I feel lucky he needed them when he did and got trained. lol But if I approached him too fast or carelessly, he could learn biting does work for him again. His mouth is bigger now too. :p
I've been bitten once by my veiled. It felt like a really bad pinch, but did not draw blood. He got startled when I was holding him and flared and struck out at the first thing he saw, which happened to be my thumb. He has not bitten me since.
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