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This maybe the wrong forum but here goes.

I made my new baby a birth certificate! tell me what y'all think.

mostly it is for fun but I also thought it would be a good ideal on the off chance I am able to breed him later

Max's Birth Certificate said:
(Mad) Max “The Road Warrior”
Male Ambilobe Panther Chameleon

Date of purchase: 12/05/10
Age: ~ 2 ½ months
Approximate DOH: mid september 2010

Breader: Lance (lancecham of (562)458-8304 [email protected]

Max (12/05)

Sire: Amaze Jr. Jr

Mother: No name

Mothers Sire: Yellow Wolf

P.S. I have it as a Doc file with pics of the Sire and mother's Sire but it seems the file is to big.

Pic 1 sire Pic 2 mother's sire


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