Big roach discoid 50 cent SALE

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I have two cultures of Blaberus species I want to get rid of.

These are fast breeders and grow quickly. Perfect feeders for bigger animals like monitors, tegus, etc. Some bigger chameleons like oustaleti, verrucosus, panthers, & parsons also like the nymphs.

First culture is discoidalis/giganteus hybrid, possibly fusca, and adults are 2.5"-3" long. I have about 500 left [with no adults], with several L2 nymphs:



305 roaches pictured in a 20g deli cup:

The second culture's adults are closer to 1.5". They are a Florida strain of atropos/discoidalis most likely. I have about 850-900 roaches left. Some pictures of the nymphs in a feeding frenzy:



315 roaches pictured in a 20g deli cup:

Both cultures are 1+ year old and are grown on hemp seed, bee pollen, brown rice protein powder, and banana/veggies, so they're raised to be nutritious feeders.

I want to do $0.50 each or you can make me an offer on one or both cultures.

Shipping is $10.00 by Reptiles Express. I prefer to ship fedex but can also do USPS if you want.

**Edit: NO shipping to Florida on the first culture. Second culture is native to Florida and thus okay to ship.

Shoot me a PM for inquiries or offers.


I have 200 left of the B. fusca roaches. $100 with shipping included.



Take the last 500 discoids (mostly subadults) for $235.00 shipped. Keep half to raise to adulthood in a matter of weeks and breed them, and feed the other half off. Please I want to get rid of these damn things!
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