Big Enclosure Needs Big Plant Suggestions


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So I decided to enlarge Admirals enclosure to 23"x48"x48" (23"x48"x65" is the total frame work with stand). It's being enlarged to house both Admiral Ackbar and Yoda until next month when I can divide it; which would make it 23"x24"x48" each side.

So as of right now I have 4 small umbrella trees, 2 ficus, a croton, and a pothos. I have 2 plant stands that will hold the plants up high, and plenty of highways (vines). But I'm looking to but in 2huge plants and another pothos to easily divide when I seperate. Anyone have any suggestions? Looking for 2 different plants.
Ficus are tall and you can always go with the tall hibiscus trees, although you probably know hibiscus don't do the greatest indoors unless you have a grow light. On another note, you can always go artificial!!!
Also wanted to add... The screen is going to be designed to be removed and turned into a free range while I'm. Home and put the screen back on when I have to leave... its a thought but not finalized
Need another suggestion. The plant stand I'm planning on using is not very sturdy and if I have to move the enclosure (which moving is possible since it will have wheels. Is there a way to fast the stand an plants down?
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