Best temperatures for Jackson’s at nighttime


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I have a Jackson’s Chameleon who got sick from a respiratory illness. He was able to recover after some antibiotics prescribed by the veterinarian and some sessions on a hot steamy humidifier at home.

I’m always very careful with everything, as Jackson’s are soooo delicate! Including making sure his enclosure is clean, and well ventilated. I don’t have any problems with daytime temperatures nor humidity, as I live in the Caribbean, which is humid and by hot itself (80’s F plus during daytime).

However, when night falls, I try to keep his enclosure cooler, so that he can sleep well; if not the temperatures at night are usually between 73 to 78F. I started using the room’s A/C unit to lower his enclosure’s temperature to the 60’s (Fahrenheit) but still kind of wonder if that is a good idea and if the drop in temperature could bring him back the respiratory illness. Any suggestions?


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The drop in temperature at night is what happens to them in their native habitat. You want to drop the temperature with the AC but be careful not to drop the humidity. It should stay high at night 80-90%.
Day time humidity is as low as 35% in their native range. I keep mine at 45 to 55% during the day.


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Just to add to jacksjill ‘s post: an evaporative cooler, either home made or else purchased (amazon’s probably got a million) is your best bet. It should be able to drop the temp down to mid 60s and will humidity as it cools.
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