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What is the best site to order a panther chameleon from? I have heard screameleons is the best but they are $399.99 there. At chameleon company they are $175.99, I emailed them because they don't show avaliable chameleons on their site. What is the best?:confused:
Its all personal preference all of the site sponsors are great breeders and have a varied set of choices. I would start there and see if one pops out at you.
Its really debatable, I prefer waiting for expos or searching classifieds for local breeders. I see many prices from 150-400+. I would assume that the higher prices reflect better coloration patterns. Still a nicer colored panther could come from a cheaper advertised breeder and a plum ugly critter will come from an expensive breeder. I would go with what you can afford and hope for the best. Whatever you end up getting, good luck.
It costs almost the same to order one from LLLReptiles as Chameleon Company, and they are one of this site's sponsors so I will order one from there. :)
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