Behavior during Shedding Time.


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My Chamies happen to be shedding at the same time. They are both acting a bit odd. It's been quite hot here and, in fact, I didn't turn on heat lights for 3 days as the temp in the enclosures were high enough.

I'm not sure why they seem a little odd. Can't even describe how they are acting different.

I guess the main question is that do you ever observe that your chamie act a little different during shedding periods. I'm assuming it's uncomfortable and weird for them. Any stories o your experiences or any advice or links would be appreciated.

Curtis James

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when my veiled sheds he is always fine ears normal until the day of and a couple days after his shed. He downs eat hids when I open cage and just looks pissed off. But in the end he always comes bak around.


Aesop definitely acts a little strange around shedding time. The most dramatic thing is doing some gaping and thrashing. I thought he was freaking out about something the first time, but he is just loosening things.


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I would just do maybe a extra few mistings or so. Keep them comfortable. These guys can be moody about almost anything, but my Koopa is sooo cool. :cool:


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My guy seems ok he was not eating as much as normal but wasn't angry and still fell asleep in my hand at his bed time lol
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