Beginner Free Range Questions


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I'm trying to decide whether or not a free range life would be right for my family and our chameleons. We have baby Nosy Faly Panthers hatching fairly soon and don't plan to free range immediately of course but we're planning on keeping quite a few of them and would like to possibly free range the ones we do keep. We have 3 dogs (1 Boston Terrier, a pug , and a Bugg; Boston terrier/pug mix) but all 3 ignore the adults we have whether their in their cages or out and the adult chameleons ignore the dogs so that shouldnt be an issue.

1) What's the easiest way to set one up?
2) How is extra water collected?
3) How much foliage/what plants work best?
4) What age is best to start to free range?
5) How to feed in a free range set-up? (really don't want more free roaming feeders loose everywhere lol)
6) How much should we worry about the chams possibly falling for any reason?

Picture, tips, & any tricks would be greatly appreciated!


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I cant post from my phone of the thread i started. But its called Free Range 99cents store or something like that. Im in the process of getting a artificial tree or tall ficus soon


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Nice and cheap! What type of chameleon is it for? I have the same bamboo poles i got from our dollar store and also have wooden dowl rods. We also have extra pothos, umbrella plants, and a few other plants. My issue would be setting up a big enough space for multiple panthers. With how much cage space they need I'd assume they'd need a big free range area.
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