Been or going to Madagascar?

I know there are tours available etc. and previous posts and pics from those of you who have been. For those curious in going in the near future I thought this would be a great place to get some personal experiences. What experiences have you had? Where did you stay? Did you go with a group? What was your purpose? What sort of things can be done over there to preserve the ecosystem etc.
I went with Bill Love a couple years ago on a trip dedicated to seeing certain chameleon species I was interested in. During my trip, I traveled a good portion of the country and saw 18 different species in the wild and a number of different F. pardalis locales. In captive collections, I saw an additional 11 species. During the trip we stayed in a number of different types of accomadation, from camping to classy beachfront resorts. As far as recommendations I can make, it all depends how long you'll be there, what time of year, where you are planning on going and what you want to see.

I actually started looking over some packages online after I read your post. They look way cheaper then I thought. I might try a vacation to there out. My real problem is I could only get off during the slow season. Which looks to be their rain season.
The best time for chameleons and reasonable traveling around is in late December/January (the start of their wet season). The chams are out and the rain hasn't started to destroy all the roads for the most part.

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