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Been a while since I’ve posted here in a panic!

i took Beau, my Nosy be/Ambilobe cross, to the vet some time ago last month.. Can’t remember the specific date? Anyway - no funky breathing, bloodwork looked good, free of parasites and the vet thought he looked nice and hydrated. Both of his eyes are doing quite a bit better as well! He’s not keeping them closed during the day anymore. The issue did come down to a vitamin A deficiency (I had been using Herptivite with beta carotene.. no preformed A) and switched to Repashy LoD to use as an all in one powder for D3 and multivitamins (I have @Beman to thank for that suggestion!). I asked the vet about a vitamin A injection, but he seemed to feel that steady use of LoD would clear up the difficulty Beau was having keeping his eyes open and suggested additional blood work if I didn’t see any improvement. Changing supplements certainly didn’t result in an overnight fix, but we’re doing a lot better now. Beau’s eyes are nice and alert, AND he’s got huge. I didn’t actually notice until a friend of mine pointed it out. 😂

his money tree got a little overwatered, but I repotted it with several layers of gravel and potting soil, and added large stones at the top. Seems to have cleared up the issue and it has lots of new growth. With that said, here’s my teal baby

A huge you to everyone that offered advice/let me know when I was needlessly panicking. I’m ready for panther #2!
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