Beardie and Setup in So Cal!!!

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This is Hank... He is around 2 years old. He is an awesome Beardie! He loves people and is full of personality. We had wanted to keep him but unfotrtuantly we are moving into a place where we will not have the room for Hank and his tank. I am looking for someone who is serious about providing a lot of attention and the proper care for this guy. Local Pick Up in Simi Valley, CA.

Sale Includes:
-Hank the 2yo Beardie!
-60 gal glass tank
-Custom hood with lighting and switches installed. Very Nice!
-Removable Ceramic tile fitted to the floor. (This makes poop clean up, and tank cleaning a breeze. Not mention he cannot become impacted by ingesting any kind of particle substrate while eating.)
-Nice long wood Log for basking, These things are pricey in the stores.
-Big stone water bowl that Hank LOVES!!! He actually poops in his water dish every time, I think to keep things tidy in his tank(I have learned to love this), and he will also soak and drink in this dish, but it must be changed with fresh water daily, to make sure he hasn't pooped in it.
-Thick slate pieces that serve as perching spots and tank decoration.
* 2 fluorecent light fixtures mounted in the hood(UVBulbs should be replaced)
-A light fixture to position the basking bulb.
-A stand that works perfect for the tank, which is actually a painted converted coffee table.

ALL OF THIS FOR ONLY $200 OBO(Make me a fair offer)!!! This is a great deal for everything you will get. I really want to make sure this guy goes to a great Home!!!

Thanks for Looking! Feel free to contact me with any questions!

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