bearded dragon

  1. ReptiGeek

    Super Worm Beetles question?

    I have in between 25-50 superworm beetles (I have no clue what these beetles are called) and I was wondering if they could be fed to my reptiles? I was picking out the ones that died this morning and I noticed my bearded dragon was smack up against her glass trying to get at them. I was all...
  2. Z

    lights for a Bearded dragon

    i probably could have asked this up in the other section but the light are for a dragon and i love following some rules lol. so i recently decided that my dragon needs some more UV lights for his tank. He only had a small bulb that was on the hot side of his tank. I went out today and bought...
  3. SoCaliSon

    Beardie and Setup in So Cal!!!

    This is Hank... He is around 2 years old. He is an awesome Beardie! He loves people and is full of personality. We had wanted to keep him but unfotrtuantly we are moving into a place where we will not have the room for Hank and his tank. I am looking for someone who is serious about providing a...
  4. kenya

    My beardie egg is hatching!

    The beardie egg I got along with my veiled eggs a few days ago is hatching as I type! May I present.....Pogona! (Pogo for short) This little guy is my first ever egg to hatch. May many more follow. :)
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