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Well, so my fiance went out and adopted a bearded dragon named muffin from a co-worker. Enclosure and everything is great. She is 4, so I wonder how long they live ? Also what's a good diet plan ? And the previous owners named her muffin ... Ughhhh... So any ideas on a new name would be great as well
Also I know of people who feed theirs tons of superworms. I don't give many to my cham because they have a tough skeleton but is it true that they love these things ?
Also be sure tho test for parasites, mine has pinworms we are treating for now.

Be sure there isn't any type sand or anything for substrate, mine has eye infections in both eyes from sand substrate.

My beardie is about 3 and a half and can eat about 9 large crickets and a horn or silk worm in one feeding. I try to alternate w worms attached to greens. I also let him soak in a warm bath every couple days, not only does this help w hydration, but he also poops in there and that keeps the tank clean.

Here is a good forum
They can live for over ten years,

I always fed mine an assortment of greens such as dandelions, collards, endive, escarole, mustard greens, kale, etc. And veggies such as carrots, sweet potato, sweet red pepper, squash, zucchini, etc and a small amount of fruit such as melon, pear, apple, berries, etc along with gutloaded insects. Dusting
Schedule was the same as for the chameleons.
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