Bad Fall = Broken Bones?


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We are bringing it back to the pet shop because we realized we don’t have the knowledge and we have talked about it @Herpcentric i don’t appreciate your posts at all my parents did not have their kids “too young” and are very good at their parenting job and I have broken 4 bones and they have brought me to the hospital for 3 of them and they care for me and my 4 other siblings plus 7 pets that we have and have gone through a lot for me and my siblings & pets but to get back on topic we are returning her because we know we cannot take care of her it broke my heart to pieces and I’m crying while I’m typing this but if it is good for her then we are gonna bring her back so thank you for the help
Herpcentric is an idiot, ignore them. They've shown you everything you need to know about them.

That is a very mature decision in a difficult situation. We aren't trying to run you off, we want you to stay here and participate in the day to day discussion so you can learn how to do this right. I hope you'll stay and prepare yourself. Feel free to message me anytime with questions,


Thanks guys my mom brought her back today and all the stuff and no refund! But that’s ok we’re gonna try and sell the mesh cage on Craigslist (for those with a baby cham) even tho it is small it might be useful for something
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