BACK IN STOCK! 24" Double bulb fixtures! HO T5 These COMBINE 6.5K and Arcadia!!!!!

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We know many have been waiting for this shipment to arrive from the factory! is pleased to say the large HO T5 shipment has arrived and there is once again 24" double bulb fixtures in stock...

And on on sale now!

They come with your choice:

1 Arcadia 6% and one 6.5k Full spectrum Daylight (Plant)

1 Arcadia 12% and one 6.5k Full spectrum Daylight (Plant)

2 Arcadia 6%

2 Arcadia 12%

Questions about what is right for you?
Please fee to e-mail the dimensions (and pictures ig you got 'em) of your set up to [email protected] and we can advise you..... based on 36 years experience in lighting reptiles :).

Thank you!

Arcadia HO t5 Bulbs
Quad fixtures and 6 bulb units available for large set ups and Zoos ... feel free to e-mail.

**Tropic Blaze™***
New Zoo Pro Model Super High Out-put 48" UVB Panel lights, featuring the incomparable Acadia 12% HO T5 for room size applications, 432 watts
please e-mail. [email protected]


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