Baby with Eye issues


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Just noticed today that my ~3-4 week old I hatched was sitting on the bottom of his baby bin.
He's got a repti-sun 5 overhead and the basking spot is ~80-82*F.

When I checked him out after picking him up I could tell that he isn't really using his eyes.
He also seems to sway heavily from side to side.

He was eating 1/16" crickets to start, and recently moved up to 1/8th.
The poops I've seen have been good.

I was worried for a while because he never was a big eater like I expected, but he was drinking and pooping so I figured I just never saw him eating.

I swapped out his climbing setup for now and just swapped him to some paper towel.
Going to try to assist feed him some recently hatched silks in 30-45 minutes when they arrive.

Let me know some other options if you've experienced this with hatchlings before.
Sigh, they go so fast.

Wish I new what the issue was.
He seemed like he was doing so well, then crash :(
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