Baby veiled wants too much heat?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Westkhost, Aug 13, 2017.

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    Hi everyone, new to posting but have been frequenting the forum for over a year since I bought my first veiled.. I've had three in that time and currently have two as one very very VERY young male passed away due to an illness that was present when purchased from Petco. (Poor little guy was sick when we got him, which was the reason my wife and I picked him, in hopes that we could turn him around. Unfortunately despite our best efforts with near round the clock observation and care he only made it a few days)
    Anyhow I now have an approximately one and a half month old veiled as well as my year old.
    My youngest demands to be hot, I'm aware they need to be kept between mid 70's, low 80's but this little guy will hang directly under the heat lamp and I've caught him trying to push through the top when I've had to turn the heat off because his enclosure was cresting the 90 degree mark.
    Is this normal?
    I don't want to grill the little dude but I also want him to be happy and comfortable. Any suggestions?
    And just for reference, the lower extremity of his cage is always in the mid 70's while the upper most portions tend to rest in the high 80's. He almost exclusively stays in his highest branches closest to the heat even when he is clearly hot, forcing me to turn off the heat lamp for a little while to prevent him from overheating as he is typically sitting, mouth open and very obviously too warm.
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    Raise the heat lamp, lower the perch, or get a lower wattage bulb. 85* is what you're shooting for. Any more and you may encounter burning your little guy. I wouldn't want to take the chance and wind up with burns.
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    I have, I use the flexible jingle vine dealios and I've bent them downward instead of an upward arch but no he just climbs the side. I'll have to get a lamp stand or clamp and try that out, thanks for the input.
    Attached is the little dude in question, he's quite the character and being so young, he's still kind of bad at "chameleoning" haha
    Which, being new to chameleons, is how my first chameleon got his name, Derp.
    I was unaware chameleons weren't the most sure footed or accurate creatures when they were that young.

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    I had one that did that when it was very young also. I kept it at 85 in the basking spot and he basked all the time! I almost think they don't know any better at that age imo.
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    I keep my basking at 95 to 99 degrees and I have 2 uvb lights that comes out to be 20. 10 on a bulb and 10 on a long bulb
    and my chameleon loves it, he is 1.5 years old he just got a new cage it took him a while to get use to it but I don't think with
    a small cage and a baby chameleon you can run it as hot as I do but if he gets to hot he will let you know when my chameleon
    was little his basking was between 55 and 75 in the middle of the cage so he let me know he was ok. but he is older he can stand
    it hotter. The guy I got him from told me he should be basking at 85 to95 so we are ok. I hope you good luck
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    He is very cute! In the picture where he is sitting on your finger, do I see 2 cages sitting side-by-side? If so, you want to put up some sort of visual barricade between them. They will stress each other to death being so close to one another. I wouldn't be too worried about him hanging from the top like that. My veiled did it until he got to the point where he was too heavy. Just keep a very close eye on him and decrease the wattage of the bulb if you need to.
  7. Westkhost

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    Yes, there is a reptibreeze for my year old, Derp and a chameleon cantina for the little dude, Gumby. The reptibreeze has a barrier on the wall closest to the cantina so that they can't see each other. While I know younger chameleons aren't much bothered by others, I walked by a mirror once with derp on my shoulder and instantly he was furious. So before I ever brought Gumby home the barrier was in place. Plus, I know my big guy will attempt to eat anything and I certainly didn't need him staring staring longing in the other cage like sneeze guard at the buffet.
    He finally started to go a little lower in his cage thus morning, caught me off guard because I'm not used to him being down there. Thank you all for your input!
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