baby veiled has deformed tail


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Well i now have lots of baby veiled chameleon running around all healthy apart from one which seems to have been born with a deformed tail. The problem with this is he as problems walking/standing and his back legs are sometimes at a 90 degree angle to the rest of his body:( And he seems to grab his own legs alot. I decided to let nature take its course(mine and vets decision) Thinking he wouldnt make it "how wrong were we!" he is now 3weeks old and going strong.At the moment he is to small for any surgery and will be for a while yet. I have to be honest and say he looks very uncomfortable and it makes me feel upset seeing him like this:(

So my question are what to do now?
Has anyone else come across this problem?
if so how is the chameleon?
Is there anything i can do?
cant get pic of tail but this is him and you can see the problems hes having!
It kind of looks like in the pic that his tail is stuck in a fixed position? Is that what is going on with him? Also could you please clarify about his back legs. Do they work normally most of the time? Or does it have a problem correctly usisng them?

I have noticed that my lil guy Curly's balance is definately affected by his lack of tail. If you watch a normal cham walk them sway their tail for balance. If yours is unable to do that, as curly is, it would porbably explain his falling over. That being said, Curly really did suprise me, he started very small but grew so fast, he is now one of the largest of the clutch. If he is doing well other than the mobility issues and that is something you are willing to take on for the rest of its life, than I would keep going with him.
No his tail isnt stuck in one position, It as a lump at the base though it seems to move ok, I will try to get a photo of it though its hard to see as hes so small at the minit. As for his back legs they work in the sense that they move and he some times can take a couple of steps before he starts falling over and rolling on to his back, Its like he as no sence of balance what so ever or any control of what is legs are doing(A bit like me when ive had a drink:D). Also when watching him I see him twist is rear legs to a 90 degree angle and I wasnt sure if this is normal or not? He is eating and going to the toilet fine so apart from his mobility hes great so i will keep him for myself and see how he get on as i was going to keep him as soon as i see his problem.Do you think the vet could be wrong and he as some sort of brain problem? due to the fact his tails moving!
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