Baby Veiled Chameleons


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I was wondering if anybody had any guidance as to where I could go to but out an advertisement to sell my babies. I'm in no rush they are still just eggs but I wanted to know for when the time comes. My female Veiled layed 27 eggs on the 5th of August and I'm getting a little excited for them to hatch. However I have 2 reputable reptile stores interested in some, but I may have some left over and I may have to post on the internet and I was hoping someone out there could lead me in the right direction.
Where do you live? I know of english sites that you could advertise on. No good if you are american/canadian though
Looking for a male and would be interested in one maybe even a female also, have a female right now. Not sure about shipping though. I'm in Michigan.
Like I said on the above post they are still eggs and they made be for some time. I don't know! If you are still interested after they hatch I will have no probelm shipping overnight, but it would cost you. But once again they maybe eggs for at least another month and half and maybe longer then I have to wait a few months until they are ready to ship so it will be come probably spring time.
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Make sure to do the proper research before your cham eggs hatch.
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Yes I saw that they are still eggs and understand that it will be awhile. I have a young Veiled female now along with other Chameleons, but for some reason it is difficult to find young Veileds around here. So anyways when they are ready give me a shout.
Thanks for the replies guys. Arrowhawk you're welcome to have one when they do hatch. I have been doing the research, and it almost seems that the most difficult thing would be to guess when these little guys are ready to hatch. For one I would have to order the pinheads and Fruit Flies before they hatch so reading about how they can hatch between 5-9 months makes it real hard to be ready. Do any of you guys have a better time line for when I should expect to have they hatch? In advance thanks again you guys have been a great help.
How exciting and scary too. I don't envy your trying to pull it together in just the nick of time for the feedings. And don't forget their spider stage. Brad is right. You really need to read up on their stages of eating what. How much does it cost for overnight delivery. Will you put "this side up" on the box. I hate to think of the tumbles and will you wedge a stick from a bottom corner to a diagonal top corner so that the cham can hold on no matter what? I would love a male. Get him all beefy and put in the picture contest. lol Good luck to you :D
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