baby sleepy still alive but...

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i had gotten a baby veiled about a month ago and she had the sleepy eyes and was dehydrated and bounced back well, but i discovered how she got dehydrated she has some spots i noticed on her head i assume these to be thermal burns as there was a 15 f temp change in the room she was in the second day i got her,now shes been eating good and looking good except for these burns they are small areas and a blackish color on her head and some on her sides are grayish it does not seem to bad my hope is its just sunburn.
she has shed somewhat .

is there anything that i could put on these areas that might heal them faster?

also there are no raw areas of skin,i read that when theres burns the burn area can lift off and then theres raw skin exposed leading to a infection.

i am also going to try and get a good picture of her which will most likely give a better idea of her condition.

If it is burn damage then Silvadene cream is often used on chameleons to help healing process while minimizing the possibility of an infection.

Post those well-focused photos.
My female got a pretty substantial burn on her casque at about 4.5 months of age. The area it effected looked big but I did not think it was deep. Her casque until recently has been a little deformed. I guess there could be other variables with why the casque got like that. She did recover on her own with no vet. In retrospect I would have tried a cream or something if I had a little more information on something that was safe for them. It could have helped it grow better. I would post a picture if you can get one. I am sure alot of other memebers have had to deal with this to and could probably better gauge the severity of the burn.
im gonna see if i can get some of the medication cream I will put some pictures here as soon as i get some time since splinter just laid eggs today i gotta take care of her hydration etc.

i dont have a prescription for the silvadene is there anything effective i can buy that i won't need a prescription?
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I've heard triple antibiotic ointment works too, but some ofthe more experienced keepers could confirm or deny that.
i just took some pictures of my mist tank,sonic and sleepy i experimented when i took sonics pics and figured out how to get the pics to look better however i took his pics after sleepy's so sleepy's got blurry and some were to bright heres a picture of sonic i'm gonna go back up and try to get some good ones of sleepy so you can see her in detail i had to remove her from her cage to take these blurry pics i could post them but you can not see much.

this camera has a digital zoom because it was cheap so i gotta get everything set right to take ok pics when i took this pic the flash was off and i think it was in the zoom mode.
the pics of sleepy look worse then she really is ,the blurryness exagerated the dark areas.
she got more darker when i took her out her cage .
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