Baby Veiled Chameleon eye closed?


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I’m new to chameleon parenting, but I was wondering if anyone could help get to the bottom of what might be causing my chameleon to close his eye?

My Baby female Veiled chameleon has had her eye closed since the day I got her and I’m starting to worry. I got her 6 days ago and her eye has been closed. She ate the first day and was able to open her eye to eat, but doesn’t anymore.

Info: She is not dehydrated, is eating but wasn’t from tuesday to Thursday of this week but has yesterday and today. I’m trying to dust her small sized crickets with D3 calcium powder, but I can barley get her to eat. Maybe only one cricket a day as of yesterday and she hasn’t eaten today as far as I know. She seems healthy and moves around but I just worry about her eye.

However, two days ago I did a “flush” where I soaked a Q-tip in like warm water and barley wiped the outside of her eye to see if she would get any better, but it hasn’t. Do I just need to wait?

Her humidity and basking area are all up to date with an average basking of 80 degrees during day and 65 at night. Her humidity during the day is also within the 50-60 range during the day and 70 at night.

Can anyone help with what might be causing her left eye to stay closed?


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