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Hello folks and merry xmas.

I have a few questions about my new cham. What is the ideal humidity? I have one cheap gauge and it seems to range from 30%-60%. 60% after misting. Ive been misting 4-6 times a day. He is a baby and had a super long flight. Ive seen him lick the leaves several times after misting.

Also my cage is rather large for him. 30x20X48 tall. and i have to hand feed him out of a saucer or place the feeders on leaves near him. He seems to have a great appetite and eats 1-3 crickets each time I try to feed him. yesterday he ate 5-6. Today 3-4 so far.

My questions are what is the ideal humidity? Should I mist at night? He hates when any spray gets on him and it seems to stress him. So im careful to avoid his area. Finally, how many crickets a day, shaken in calcium powder, should he be eating?
No do not mist at night, you want things to dry out. You need to check his urates, the white part of his waste to make sure he is hydrated. Lowes has a great digital combo temp and humid. gauge for around twenty bucks. Good luck and ask away..... Tons of people with lots of experrience.
ok so you said baby panther, so I am assuming maybe 3-4 months old? Your cham should be eating about 15 crickets a day, 1/4 inch size is good. You should have three supplements to dust with: calcium without d3 every feeding, calcium with d3 two times a month and a multi vitamin twice a month. Your crickets need to be gutloaded, meaning fed a good diet of fresh fruits and veggies preferably. Try to keep your humidity between 50-60% but I know that is hard if you live in the colder states. Do not mist at night! Cage should be dry at night when your cham is sleeping. Also, no lights at night, cage should be dark and cool for your chameleon.
To keep my ambient humidity up I wrapped my cage in plastic sheeting similar to what you would put over your windows in the winter time. It really helps to keep it up. Plus I have a small room humidifier that I use occasionally too

I got him from llreptile he's 3/4 months showing no color yet.. Urinates seem to be white.. Ive had him for 3-4 days and Im overly worried. he had a 45 hour ride on a fed ex plane. :\ I live in Omaha, no humidity now and cold. Hes in the basement and its 70ish at night no lights or other sounds. I have a repti-glo 5.0 inside the cage as opposite to on top to give him more uvb.. I guess the screen can eat up the uvb. I have a basking light and a branch 8-10 inchs away he doesnt seem to use much. 1 golden ponthos the biggest lowes had and a medium ficus some fake vines and some sticks from a sycamore tree.

Ill try offering more crickets!!! ive been gut loading them also. and dusting calcium. I will also add cal w d3 and a multi next week.

How should I offer him the crickets He will eat them from a cup but should i just leave 4-8 in there or pull a leg off? I have 3-4 running around in there now, but i dont think he can find.
don't leave any of the crickets there at night. They can bite your chameleon. Remove all uneaten food before the lights go out. you cage temp is ok. 70 is fine for night or day.
you can cup feed or let the cricks run wild. It is really up to you. A only need one uvb and that can be on the top of your cage. Unless you had a super large cage or were freeranging you don't need two UVB lights. As far as the basking, your cham will use it when it needs to warm up.
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