baby nosy be panthers for $129.00

Chameleon Company

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No offense taken what-so-ever. I just wanted to impress upon buyers my version of what to look for. We all see "stupid" buys in the chameleon business, and one of the many things I will always champion is smart buyers. I didn't know that I had sold you a chameleon, and it seems he was right in line with another adage " a fiesty chameleon is a helathy chameleon " .... LOL ... that's my excuse anyway !! None of the breeder/suppliers that I recommend sell chameleons that small, BTW. I know several that do though.


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Don't spread rumors. This is how the hobby can become segregated.

Not sure how this would segregate the hobby..? It does appear to be the same seller.. I thought it was when I saw the ad as well. It doesn't look like he or she is buying eggs, it looks like clutches to me. I have noticed this individual advertising in other areas of Kingsnake as well. Personally, I really don't have any issue with someone being an entreprenuer and buying/selling clutches. I don't see it being any different than many other reptile brokers.

In the interest of fairness, I have contacted the seller so he or she can chime in on this thread.

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