baby jackson died

my baby jackson died yesterday and i have no idea what happened to it. it whas fine in the morning when i filled up the dripper for him. i keep him if an all screen cage on my screened-in porch which is on they shaded side of my house so the porch stays cool on a hot florida day but yesterday it wasn't hot. i have 2 ficus trees in the cage plus some artifical plants for additional cover. the only thing i can think of is the smoke from the fires in georgia that maded it to my town of it ate a wild bug that wasn't good for it.. what could have caused him to die so fast


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Sorry to hear about your loss. It is impossible to say for sure with the information you have presented. Excessive temps and toxic food could definitely play a role. A qualified veterinarian maybe be able to help with an autopsy.
Wow..I'm so sorry. Jacksons can get a pretty strong grip on your heart in no time at all. In my very limited experience with little chams, it can take them a while to get the hang of a dripper. I'm watching one guy right now who is obviously thirsty and staring at the drip but just can't bring himself to get splashed by falling water droplets. If I didn't spritz his cage a gillion times a day I'm sured he'd just wither away.
Again, my condolences.
that little guy had no problem with the dripper it would go nuts every time it saw the water drop and would go right to the source. it also love the water dripping down the sides of the screen cage. i would take the spray bottle and just dump a little waterdown the side and it was there sipping every last drop. i even had it taking crickets out of my hand.
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