Baby Elly Pictures


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Elly's 4 months old now and weighs 10.9 grams. This first picture I made with my cell phone but I love it and thought I'd share. The last four were taken in my backyard yesterday evening.




She's still a tiny little thing but starting to show some color as you can see in the next two.


Bless her! What a sweet little girly cham! I bet she has an extra special place in your heart, Jann! She is just adorable!:D Her weight puts her size into perspective for me, since my new little crestie weighs 10g too!
Thank you Tiff! She's small but she's very special. I do think I became even more attached to her quicker with all the special care that she required.
She looks great Jann! Great pictures again! soon I will be taking pics of my hatchlings. and the wait begins lol :) Thanks for sharing the lovely Elly pics :)

Thank you Michael and Zac for the very kind words. Wishing you the very best of luck with your eggs Zac.
Curly is doing great! Thanks for asking. Fiesty lil guy had a growth spurt, hes just a teeny bit smaller than the others!! His guy parts are all on the insides too!! Only problem is his tail has been acting as a poop catcher :eek:.
Thank you Heather. I still worry so much about her since she's so tiny.

Scott it's so nice to know that Curly is doing great and growing. He just might require some extra tail mistings. :p
Elly is just so pretty! I just wanna give her lots of kisses, haha. She's gonna grow up to be such a beauty. Gonna be great watching her grow! :D
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