Babies finally!


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After lots of of our eggs are finally starting to hatch out tiny cuties! Right now, we have 2 babies from our Ambanja clutch (parents are Lealia and Gargamel, if you check out pics from my other threads) and fingers crossed that the ankaramy, ambilobeXambanja and veiled clutches start hatching soon! We're praying they all hatch out before we have to leave at the end of next month!

Here's a couple pictures!



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hehe...thriller...i like that!

these are our first ones.... and it's definitely hard not to just spend all my time checking on them and impatiently wanting the others to hatch! lol. :)


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It's very cute. I should have a veiled clutch hatching soon hopefully. Man I will have my hands full.


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i love babies they look good ambanjas huh.... im always looking for ambanjas let me know if ya have a couple.


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There is nothing cuter than baby Chameleons! Beautiful! I have baby chameleons coming out my ears at the moment...2 clutches of veiled and wanting on more cutie out of these little ones.


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Aww so cute, who can deny them. Hopefully they all hatch out for you in time to see!! What are you doing with them once you leave??


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thanks all! we're excited to see them! i only wish the timing could've worked out a little better....i mean, completely stoked about italy and definitely was our first choice....just had no idea that would really be an option when we were breeding and making plans for babies.

we're working out something with another forum member (experienced breeder) who has been really helpful through the process for the eggs that don't hatch before we leave and for the babies, since they'll still be so young when we have to leave san diego....


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lol...every time i come home, i check them again...cause they hatch out so quickly! lol. my husband found one when he got home today around 2:30 and by the time i came home and we were ready to leave again (4:00ish), there was another baby hanging out in the bin. :) we have several more cracked, starting to hatch and still several that haven't started yet, so it's obsessive! heheh
Jandie I am so happy for you and the hatchies!
Geez, it seems like forever!, can't wait to see if your ankaramy's start to hatch before you have to leave!
Happy hatching, and they do look like they are taking over!!
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