Awesome Free-range tutorial on Instructables


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Been a lurker and not active for some time. Everyone on here is so communal and full of knowledge and advice. It's great.

Moving on...

In my research, to add to what I am learning here, I came across a rather well thought out article on instructables concerning a free range build someone created for their chams. It is complete with drainage, water sensors, gutters, you name it-it's there.

It may not be your exact cup of tea but it certainly fits the bill on filling in little gaps here and there in terms of your learning or developing for your chameleon!

Knowledge is power!
Ahh thanks! The gutter idea is abs. brilliant. Also have been a lurker/inactive for quite a bit, too. Have always used cages, and had never even considered free range. My ultimate goal is to create a chameleon palace if you will. Have had plans to design a custom green house, and now thinking of combining this with the free ranging idea. Granted I shall continue the research but this gutter article my friend, genius. (esp for indoor rooms/closets) gracias
Wow!!! That is a phenomenal tutorial, I'm about to move into a new house and will be setting up a free range there. This has some amazing ideas in it. Thank you for sharing
Very cool, but quite a few code violations, and potential to flood the house if the misting system components should fail, or if the small drain would clog. Great room, but always important to plan for the worst case scenario.

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