Ate his own poop?!?!?


Hey everyone.

Today I left work early and got home around 4. Normally I get home around 630ish. So I got to spend a little more time with my chams in the day today.

I was watching my male Clarence (10mo nosy be) and noticed he was walking down towards the bottom of his cage. (He never walks on the bottom)

So I was watching him and saw him bite at something. (I didn't see what it was because I was across the room and it was a bit dark). Once I saw that I ran over to the cage and saw a little brown thing hanging out of his mouth. I am assuming it was an older turd that I didn't find. I remove his poop as soon as I see it. He pooped yesterday. So it couldn't of been that fresh. Once I saw that I snag him out of the cage and got all I could out of his mouth.

Did he eat a turd? How bad is that?

This morning he had his normal 15 medium crickets. So he ate already.

I am also noticing he is sperming up a bunch of branches. Could this be connected???

Help please!!! :cool:


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Haha, It will not kill him if he does it once. The other day, I let my Veiled larger male out. He walked around my computer and ate a dropping that my female had left. I must have missed it when I let her out last time. It is a great way to transfer parasites, but if you keep your chameleons clean and parasite-free, then you need not worry. It is a bad thing, but not a deadly thing, unless he does it really often.

The sperm is common in adults, its not really sperm, but smegma. A combination of...err...some might call it *cheese-slime* I'll let you Google it. Enjoy your little guy. They grow up so quick.
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