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Hey guys a couple weeks ago I got a female ambilobe at a expo . She wasnt very active and she looked very dehydrated the only way I got liquids into her body was by dripping little bits of water into her mouth when she was chewing on crickets . She's very active now drinking water and climbing around . I think she might still be a little dehydrated I don't really know she sure doesn't act like it . Let me know what you guys think and if she is dehydrated any tips on getting her back to normal will be appreciated thank ! I think She was wild caught if that will help any of you in your observation lol


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doesn't look bad but a shower always helps :) put her in your shower on her favorite plant and point the shower head onto a wall so the water bounces off like a mist. make sure the water is not hot but just barely warm if you put your hand in it.. leave her there for as long as you want.. she will love it :)


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Does she have place to dig in the cage so she can show you when she needs to lay eggs? Not saying she is gravid....but if she's sexually mature she could be.

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She has the dirt where her live plant is but I checked her for eggs by touching her and she doesn't seem to show any interest in the dirt . But any thing can happen idk do you think that's why she still looks dehydrated ?


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She doesn't look dehydrated to me but of course your pics aren't the best resolution. Even if they were, your observation of her behavior is going to be the best judge of her needing more moisture or not.

It's always a good idea to have a laying bin to transfer her to if you see her roaming her cage (especially including walking on the bottom) but the very best is to have a sand-soil mixture tub that covers most of the floor of the cage. That way if she descends the foliage to dig, she doesn't have to dig in a small pot or get confused by a "lower ground" that doesn't have soil.

I've had some silly panther girls in my day and by silly I mean I observed strange behavior that never had a reason. I know how you feel so I just wanted to give you my two cents!

I hope this was helpful!

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Thanks ill just try the shower thing and run her dripper more maybe even mist a little extra for now . I have some extra top soil ill make her a little laying bin just in case .thanks every one
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