Aristotle's cage is coming along nicely!

Hey just wanted to thank everyone that has helped me along the way so far! The forum has been awesome and you guys/gals have helped so much getting my supplies and knowledge up in preparation for my Ambilobe Aristotle's arrival!

Since my habitat is no longer tentative I figured I'd make a new post to share my build so far and progress going forward.

Framed up the back wall with bamboo and hung a bunch of plants. Have some sitting on floor up front that will get elevated against sides. Tree will stay centered towards front elevated on some strapping across the dragon ledges.

Speaking of dragon ledges still waiting...were supposed to be delivered Saturday then today but tracking has not updated since they left Cali. Also waiting on another sheet of black pvc board for right wall of cage.

About to test fire the misters in the next hour.

Ordering feeders tonight or tomorrow.

Most importantly... Aristotle comes home Feb 6.


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Going to pick up Aristotle tomorrow!

Here are some updated photos of his enclosure.

Also a gutfeed I made and am testing. (Think I out way to much in😂)
A bunch of these mealworms and bsfl larva went right to the food and appear to be face deep but haven't moved at all since they get there so I don't really know what's going on lol.


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