Are you growing horns?


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Can't read it :(. Not giving those vultures money for their fear mongering sensationilized articles.


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Here you go @cyberlocc ...I don't judge all the articles I post...I just post them sometimes to be food for thought/encourage here you go...

Oh I was just pulling your chain, I seen the "Tech Neck" articles, and I think these on the horns as well.

I am with the guy who said more research is needed. The Washington post, and likes like to make stuff up, to Sensationalize and Fear Monger.

The big one that is going on right now, effects me dearly. I used Vaping to get off Ciggs in 2012, been vaping for almost 8 years now. All these articles about that, by Washington and the likes have been driving me batty lol. Its a great example, all those deaths and hospitalized have been over additives used to "Cut" the illegal Marijuana carts, they have nothing to do with Vaping, nothing to do with the nicotine products I use and have used for 8 years. Yet none of the articles back then said that, only after the CDC steped in and said, Hey this is only the illegal stuff, did they start adding that part to the fine print. My wife read one, and said you know I read this whole long article, and not till the very end in a small footnote did it say "The CDC said all cases have tied to Black Market Marijuana Carts only".

Just like the one before it, where they were trying to say "Ecigs contain Antifreeze" when the reality is Propelene Glycol has been vaporized in hospitals as a anti microbial since 1960s, and happens to work as an anti freeze. There has been 15 independent studies, from real scientists Proving for a fact, there is AT least a 95% harm reduction, and the media is still trying to make them out to be the devil. Now they turned to the "The Kids" argument and the flavors, meanwhile cotton candy vodka is a thing, before Vaping the same amount of teens were smoking cigarettes, and I started smoking in the early 2000s at 13, oh and the tide pods, what are we going to do about these teens eating tide pods? Ban Laundry soap? Once again, we have fear mongering sensationalism. They just arent happy if they are not stirring the pot lol.

The news likes to tell half truths, leaves out facts, makes stuff up, and just runs an entertainment program on the backs of innocent people who think they are getting the truth. There is money in fear, and no matter if they have to lie, and leave stuff out to get better ratings, who cares. These media outlets only exist to cause mass panic, to make a dollar.

As to the premise of this Article, I think the same. I think there is serious negative effects to the bad posture, that is seen by using phones. As well as Carpal tunnel and the vision issues. However, I dont think we are going to grow horns lol.
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There is so much "info" out there it's hard to know what to believe and what to do for sure. I've even seen proper studies done that have ended up with the wrong conclusion because they missed something along the way that they should have taken into consideration. I read as much as I can on things and then make the best conclusion I can from what I've read and hope I'm right... especially when it comes to the chameleons...but sometimes I just post an article as food for thought or for fun.
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