Are we not having coffee together today?


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I had to go to a project site this morning and didn't have time for our usual "coffee date"... I drink coffee and Ferdinand gets to explore for about an hour.

He was begging at the cage door, looking like "Where are you going? It's time to play!"

It breaks my heart to see him sad :)


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Aww! What a sweet little one. I always hate having to walk away from my chameleon when he's at the cage waiting to play. Especially in the mornings... We have our weekend routine where he comes out first thing and sits under the covers with me while I watch tv for a bit and when it comes to Monday I can see he's ready to come out and sit with me and he waits at the front. It breaks my heart.
For your unspeakable crime Lathis, you shall receive a punishment (or reward) of severe magnitude! Spend not one, but two hours with Ferdinand at coffee time tomorrow!

What a sweet picture! It reminds me of how my Reggie used to look at me when I was doing the morning chameleon maintenance (always in a hurry before work). That look often was the cause of me being late :)

Great name for your chameleon by the way :D
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