What one customer said about the AquaZamp Premium LowProfile RainDome System:

Kevin E. said:
I ordered this system a couple weeks back and have been very happy with it. My chameleon used to only drink a lick here and a lick there after I'd mist by hand (which he hated, even with warm water). I'd never seen him drink from his little dripper. A couple uses in with the Low Profile raindome system, he was drinking voraciously... I couldn't believe it. I had to go get the wife and kid. He was gulping down water. He would even sit and catch water droplets in mid air as they fell! So cool, made me feel happy to really see him going to town like this.

Super easy to setup, and I am bad at things like this. I live in a house full of wobbly IKEA furniture I couldn't even get right. This was easy and works perfectly.
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