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I have a question regarding the appropriate weight/body condition for my chameleon hermie. Hermie is a male veiled chameleon, and I have had him for roughly 2.5 months. I doubt that he was much more than a few weeks old when I got him. He was pet store bought and a little on the skinny side at purchase. I have had his fecal tested for parasites and it has come back negative. I am a little concerned for his body condition though -- he has grown like a WEED lately, by leaps and bounds ... longer, "taller", thicker legs etc. But I can see the shadows of his ribs sometimes -- they do NOT poke out or anything, but they are there under the skin. I feed him as much as he will eat. He has not shown any interest in vegetables, but enjoys his crickets (gut loaded and dusted with reptavite everyother day and repcal everyday), and LOVES meal worms. He is probably eating 7-10 meal worms a day and 10-15 medium crickets a day. I make sure that there are always one or two crickets floating around in his cage, in case he gets hungry between feedings too.
Is it normal for him to be a little on the skinny side, or should I be concerned about his lack of "bulk"??
I would say he is normal. He is a growing chameleon with a tenacious appetite. Chameleons aren't the fattest lizards. When mine are not in an excited state their ribs tend to show. I think Hermie sounds fine. :D
Agreed, mine show their ribs to a certain extent too. I would say don't worry about him but if you post a photo of him up here then we can tell you for sure.
I just put a picture of him under the member's galleries section, it's under "Jam" and labeled "hermie 3-4 mo old." I tried to put it here on the reply, but I couldn't get it to work.
Any comments or conerns about his appereance would be greatly appreciated... I really want to do right by him
Thanks for putting the photo up for us to see. Pleased to report there is nothing wrong with his weight from that photo:) He looks healthy enough to me.
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