Anything wrong?


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I am just curious maybe paranoid.... just seeing if everything looks ok with my chameleon

she is about 4 1/2 months old almost 5 months old had her since she was 5 weeks first chameleon ever just hoping everything looks normal, she doesn't like the camera and she kind of puffed up a bit, so i got few of those pics and some of her in the sun

I know that female veiled can produce infertile clutches

let me know please


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She is beautiful!
She looks great.... Jusdging from her looks, you are doing a good job with her.
--any changes in behavior, appetite or sleep may be a sign something's up... So have you noticed any changes?
Jeez... now I'm jealous. That's a really pretty female! Is she always that bright, or just because you're handling her? Makes me want to go out and buy a female! Starting to think of where I could fit another...
She looks like the little chameleon in that new Disney movie, Tangled. That solid green and bright color... and you must be feeding her well, because she looks pretty thick, for lack of a better word. She looks great. Where did you get her?
Because she is a female, you really don't want her to eat all that she wants to eat. My Charlotte would eat 30-something insects a day if I let her, but she'd be worse for it in the long run. She looks like she's pudgy but females can begin producing eggs as young as yours, so you want to provide a laying bin for her from now on in case she is going to lay.

I really recommend reading this and following it fervently: Hopefully it'll add more healthy years to the life of your little girl.
She is a beautiful little girl and with attitude too, lol ;) She is a lovely colour now, but it is also exciting when they start to get adult colours. :D
The only thing i have notice in change was that she kind of slowed down with eating doesn't eat as much as she did a month or two ago other than that nothing else has changed


Ya she is usually that green, and when she sleeps its even brighter like neon green. Besides when she is in the sun she is a dark green. Great to see her change colors. I am seeing how I do with this chameleon to see what kind I want next.
I live in San Antonio and they had a reptile expo last November and I got it from a breeder there. It was the last show till this coming March I am looking forward to going again. Its not a huge show but got a variety or reptiles and animals.

Thanks everyone for comments
Hey Jweezy, I sent you a friend request because I live relatively close to S.A. as well! You female does have exceptionally beautiful color and physique! I always get excellent advice here!
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