Anyone use a warm mist humidifier?


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I think Cy may not have been getting - or keeping - his temps up during the day b/c he was spending a lot of time under the humidifier. I was keeping it on longer for his eye.

I bought a warm mist yesterday and so far just using it in the room. It has nice settings, tells room humidity, timer, etc. (all for $45!). Anyway...I am going to attach the piping i use for his cool mist to force it right into the cage. the steam is hot and am wondering if others use them as cage humidifiers. I think by the time the steam hits him (he sits on a branch about 12-14" from top of cage) it should be OK.

Just looking for other folks experiences. I may opt to keep it just as a room humidifier - and of course will test the temp before I turn it on when he is on his "misting branch". He has a drinking branch, basking branch and misting branch - guess I better never change his jungle around - lol!
Hi Lele,

I have a montane species that requires much higher humidity levels that I keep in my bedroom rather than my facility because of the warmth in there. I have used a warm mist humidifier for about 8 months now for her. I actually have her in a very large cage (48" x 24" x 24") and the mist doesn't seem to get too hot to be of concern. She actually likes it and periodically walks down to be close to it for awhile when she needs some humidity (I have it at the base of her cage) and then wanders elsewhere as needed. The large cage actually gives her 3 options: 1) basking area, 2) humidifier area, and 3) cool down area. The humidifier is a luke warm temperature, rather than hot and really helps humidity levels; especially when misting her too, plus I keep a dripper on her cage as well. She has done fantastically with this type of habitat. All humidifiers are different so I would recommend putting your hand over the mist itself and see if it burns your hand; if so, you may consider another model. Mine has two options 1) low and 2) high. I use the low option.

I hope this helps! :)
Hi Jenna,

Thanks for sharing your experience! The steam from mine is hot, but it does have a few adjustments but more for amount of steam that temp - I think. Need to check the specs. Cy's cage (also a 2x2x4 screen) sits in an open cabinet (closed on 3 sides) so I have limited places to put the humidifier, but I will play around with the piping or using plastic baffles to direct it into the cage. He really does tend to stick to certain branches for basking (of course) drinking and getting mist and the latter branch is far from the actual mist.


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