Anyone renamed their cham?


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I am not liking the name Monty (I really should not change his name though).

Has anyone changed their chams name?


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My Tomato, Tammy and Pumpkin came to me already named by Biffle's daughter. I decided to keep the names. I might be old-fashioned, but I wouldn't rename Monty. You named him that for a reason. ;)


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My boys name the Chams, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Besides that there never unbearable, so it is what it is.


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We renamed our guy from the name he had from his previous owner. He has not noticed... :p I also have nicknames for him since it took us so long to agree on a name, so now he goes by: Egon, monster, blue monster, little dinosaur, monkey, monkey man, and spiderman. :D That said, I do like Monty.


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I seldom call my guyz by name, just nickname:

Peanut or Lil green pea = Smidget
Smeagie or 'attack' lizzard = Smeagol
NoogerNew or Noog = Noogie
Coke = Kokie

Silly stuff like that!!


I renamed a tarantula. Her name was Ruby (mexican red knee) then as she grew older I realized she was a he so I named him Ricco. lol:D


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I don't rename my cham, but my family definitely does! I call him Zeke, my husband calls him Jimi Jr. and my son calls him Pancho. Glad he doesn't have ears...


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Sometimes. Sometimes mine wont have names for several months. I mostly only have names for when I record health info about them (weight, food intake, medical issues, etc.) Plus the vet needs names for them when I take them in.


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I am not liking the name Monty (I really should not change his name though).
Has anyone changed their chams name?

go for it. Your cham wont care. I changed the name of one of my females from "marmalade" to "evil eye" after the first time she attempted to eat my eyeball. The new name suited her temperment (not sweet at all) much better than the first name.
It was only confusing to the vet, but they understood once I explained.

Your chameleon wont notice :D

so true


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I just feel bad because my dad named him Monty so whatever.

Just wondering if anyone else had renamed that's all.

I'm gonna have to think of some awesome names for him.

Oh cool! He snatched a dubia as I'm typing.
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