Anyone in barrie to toronto ontario canada

Calcium with no d3 and a vitamin for chams with d3
Once a week I do the vitamins on about 3 crickets
Calcium with no dead all week
He also hunts and some crickets get the cal misted off so id say ¼ of his meal does have cal sadly
Hes picky with eating and will only take a few from me every hour or 2 hes odd compared other lizards ive had. Wont take worms from either he just walks away
Days I work I really on him hunting
I have some what found a vet
So im very grateful
More a buddy of mine owns a reptile shop in town and suggest I go to a friend of his who works at the Toronto zoo but is also a vet.
Best I can do as the barrie vet isn't to good with chams. He said he will see him but can't gurantee
Thank you all for the help thou
I want the best for him
I come from reef keeping and snakes so im happy to see this community is just as helpful as the others i follow.
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